Tantalisingly tasty, finely flavourful, one mussel makes you just want another, and more is never enough. With their scent of the sea and delicate but meaty texture, they are never salty, a little chewy, and a whole lot of delicious. Whether enjoyed simply steamed in a sea of white wine and garlic, creamy and rich in a thick rustic chowder or adding colour and texture to a paella – mussels always bring great taste to a table. And Kelly Mussels do it in style.

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The Flavour is in the Growing
Kelly Mussels are farmed mussels – which means we purchase them from mussel farmers. They use the ‘long line’ method of growing, where the shellfish are placed on ropes that remain suspended in the water, from a long line composed of buoys. They are also grown on ‘mussel rafts’: solid structures from which the mussels hang in the water. This provides the perfect environment for these beauties. Like oysters, mussels are filter feeds – feeding on plankton present in the water. They also filter large volumes of water very efficiently – making them a treasure for the ocean.


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